Setting the Scene

I have had a lot of comments and emails over the last two months about how I have displayed the Australian Jungle division and the various Dr Who figures. There is no magic involved. If we are not having visitors or I am not planing a game at my place, I normally have some scenes set up on the gaming/billiard table to save time.

These are always appropriate to the projects that I am working on. This month the Xeno Rampart and Dr Who projects.

This is the back of the city rubble scene.

Here is the front. The baseboard is used for my Gotham city railway station.

The background is a “tabletop ready” printed mdf backdrop from Battlefield Accessories.

The wrecked cars were posted on some time ago

There is an amazing perception of depth with this layout. For instance look at this car.

Now see how it fits in with the background to give the perception of depth.

The buildings are straight from my ruined monastery project as they fit in well with the backboard.

The rest is just a lot of Post Apocalyptic scatter terrain.

All of the Dr Who minis were photographed in this setting.

Lighting was provided by the downlights and this highly adjustable white LED desk lamp bought from Aldi!

The Xeno Rampart and Australian jungle division were photographed on a variation of this. Sometimes with a hill:

Sometimes with a building:

Always with the same collection of aquarium plant bases and green/yellow gaming cloth.

I always use my Samsung Galaxy A30 mobile phone to take the photos mostly they turn out OK sometimes when I am tired not so, but I only claim guru status not that of a photographic genius, but then……………………….

So that’s it no particular magic at all.

5 thoughts on “Setting the Scene

  1. It still seems magical to me, haha! I think the depth added by the terrain helps a lot and creates a ‘little world’ where your minis live. It’s a great way to take pictures and becomes a bit of a story in the process as well!

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    • IRO they work well but are a bit pricey I picked this one up on special at the Nunawading clubs open day. I have thought about making my own jungle one from wall paper and 4mm mdf, but in the end the wall paper was going to cost as much.

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