Searching for a needle in a haystack! An F28 skirmish game.

The Aliens have landed and are searching for a small radioactive needle in a Western Australian haystack! For those who are not aware of the pun please click on this! I was once told by an old boss, “if it is a choice between a conspiracy and a stuff up go for the stuff up every time”! Seems he was correct – it wasn’t terrorists or aliens after all.

This was a three-way game between my grey Aliens, Rod’s super duper Hunters and Tyrone’s jungle fighters. I won the initiative for the first turn and raced towards the haystack and with my first initiative. With my second I searched and failed my 50% chance of finding it.

Not to be outdone I chose to use one of my three fate points on a re-roll and again failed! DOH!

This mean it wasn’t in this haystack and I had to search the second one right in the middle of the Jungle Fighters deployment. So much for superior technology. The aliens with their inferior intellect will pay for this!

I try to prov ide a fire base to support an assault on the next haystack (they can be very vicious you know).

Second turn and chaos reigns. My fglamer moves up and causes havoc with the jungle aliens. The jungle fighters opened fire with their sniper on the heroic freedom fighter with the flamer before the fire ball was unleashed and missed. A second dude fired……….. and missed. A third fired and you guessed ……… and missed!

Truth justice and the Martian way wins out!

The flamer took down the leader, a medic and another jungle fighter, and those Martian heroes in support started clearing up the rest. Another truth and justice fighter reached the haystack and found it immediately before being pinned by the big bad bounty hunters.

The end of turn two with most of the action happening around the second haystack.

Minor skirmishing happening on the rest of the battlefield. We had now reached the end phase for trun two and the Martian freedom fighters had a cunning plan to defeat the “aliens”. As I was pinned I could elect to fall back between 6″ and 12″ ignoring terrain restrictions. I just need to exit any table edge with the radio active needle. It was agree that because I was only pinned I could take the needle with me.

Here I am with the radioactive needle less than 6″ from the table edge. My Leader and two others fell back to protect the heroic Martian.

Hell was reigning down from everywhere as the “aliens” concentrated their fire on the poor innocent Martian.

The hero, Marvin, need to roll a six to save from the only attack to hit him. Marvin of course succeeded. A fate token was used by the dastardly alien bounty hunters to force a re-roll. Marvin again succeeded with a second six. This time the jungle fighters used a fate token to force a re-roll. Again Marvin successful! The bounty hunters decided to use their last fate token to force a re-roll and this time the poor Marvin failed. Not daunted he pulled out his lucky charm in the form of the Martians last fate token …………….HE FAILED!

A martyr for the cause of truth and justice. Marvin the Martian Martyr will forever be remembered (at least while this post is on the WWW anyways!). The Martian leader and Marvins two other supports were pinned and the cause appeared hopeless.

With our spaceship hovering overhead the Martian contingent were beamed up along with the radioactive needle. The dastardly Bounty hunters and the very uncouth Jungle Fighters were also beamed up and subjected to medical research by probing “where the sun don’t shine”!

Remember – Guru says, “only winners and little grey men with fast space ships write history”!


See “things that go bump in the night” post.

A great and hilarious scenario of F28.

A pity the heroes grasped defeat from the jaws of victory.

This totally unbiased account was taken from the Martian Daily Gazette.

4 thoughts on “Searching for a needle in a haystack! An F28 skirmish game.

  1. The system is great as it is not a UGO IGO game which means moving in the open without suppression can be deadly. Couple that with a fun scenario and opponents and you have a recipe for a great night.

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