Roman Provincial Farm

This was actually the first building I put together, but one of the last to get painted – go figure. It is a large model with interior courtyard surrounded by various farm buildings.

For this building I wanted it to be a bit more versatile and so replaced the cardboard tile roofing with “teddy bear fur” thatching.

This will not only make it useful for the Roman Empire but also for Dark Age Roman Britain and even for Napoleonic games in Spain and Portugal.

A Roman Britain noble pays homage to a visiting priest.

French Voltigeurs about to be ambushed by the 95th Rifles.

I am quite pleased with how this building has turned out, and especially its versatility.

8 thoughts on “Roman Provincial Farm

  1. If its a large model it is always painted last in my neck of the woods!!Probably being daunted of how to approach it or maybe a bit of laziness! Thanks for the Teddy bear fur trick , I have gone through Spotlight and tried many of there fabrics so I will definitely try the fur.

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