Submarine Crew

Uniform design

The uniform for an enlisted sailor consisted of a jacket, a pair of trousers, a white and a blue shirt, matching collars edged with three stripes, a silk neckerchief, grey gloves and a cap with two ribbons. An officer wore a midnight-blue double-breasted jacket with ten brass buttons and a matching peaked cap. U-boat personnel also wore jackets and over-trousers of brown or grey leather. As an unwritten rule, the captain of a U-boat wore a white peaked cap.

When U-boats were at sea, there were few dress restrictions. Full uniforms were typically worn on departure from and return to base, but due to the cramped and humid conditions, U-boat crews wore more comfortable civilian clothing on patrol. These included seaman’s jumpers and sleeveless shirts. Lookouts wore oilskins and sou’westers on duty. A grey-brown denim “battle-dress” uniform was also worn on patrol, the original issue being from British uniform stocks abandoned at Dunkirk.

The Empress Miniatures U-Boat comes with 5 crew and I have only just completed them now some three months after finishing their submarine!

The Empress Miniatures model also came with a second submarine!

Just a pity that most of it is below water!

Travelling with its “sister ship”!

9 thoughts on “Submarine Crew

  1. They look great with the sub, and the periscope is a nice touch as well! I may be wrong if it were used in both ways, but that kriegsmarine ensign looks like it’s upside down to me?

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