Second Stuart Tank.

I plan on using this model as the tank selection for my Chindit, Burma army which will still be some way off before I start painting it. The army can be quite powerful with Chindits, Gurkhas, and Australian Commandos, but it is not a priority at the moment.

After all the dramas of losing the turret this is how it finally turned out.

12 thoughts on “Second Stuart Tank.

    • Same spray cans Tamiya TS3 (sand), and TS28 (Olive), but the first one was highlighted with a bright green and rust paints and washed with a brown wash. The second was just the two Tamiya sprays (more sand), brown washed and highlighted with a bright white on the edges\ giving a duller effect, which like you, I prefer.

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  1. It is very easy to do. Just Tamiya TS28 spray and then while still wet some patched of TS3. When dry brown wash and then some quicj fiddly bits and highlighting. It is really quick to do. I spent a lot more time on the first Stuart but the second looks a lot better despite less work.


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