Bolt Action Combat Patrol

As I have been “wrangled” into a Bolt Action Combat Patrol games day this coming Sunday (tomorrow) I wanted a few games under my belt. The objective of the day is for players to have fun and learn the rules, hence playing with 500pts on a 4X4 table rather than the normal 1250pts on a 6X4 table.

My Combat Patrol Team

The three games will be played upstairs at the “House of War” (another venue dangerous venue for the wallet) and will be of ninety minutes each.

The first game on 28th of February was with the internationally experience Bill! I have played Bill Bolt Action a number of times but although drawing a few games I have never beaten him. This was going to be a test against his Americans. My Great Grandfather once told me that the toughest hand to hand fighting he had seen during the “war to end all wars” was in a bar in Cairo against some British Yeomanry!

The game was interesting:

Mission:Battle Resupply (Replen)

Preamble: Well trained Officers will often ask for often fuel, ammunition, parts, water and food prior to running out of these vital battle supplies. This request was called an “Opdem” which is short an Operational Demand meaning if the supply’s are not received the mission will fail.

Both players roll apply the roll the highest can choose to be defended or the attacker. The opponent picks the edge of the table 

Deployment/Setup : The defender sets up half their unit (rounded up) are set up within 12 inches of the centreline. This includes two free Unarmed Supply vehicles these can be either Soft skin or Armoured AC 7 open top. These are in addition to the defenders starting units. But each has an order dice. Defenders units not set up on the table are place in reserve. Units in reserve or flank marching are not short on supply’s. The attacker moves on in the first wave.

Victory conditions:The attacker gains 5 victory points per resupply vehicle truck or 8 victory per armoured vehicle. The defender gains 3 victory points per unit Resupplied.

Each defenders units start with a number of ammunition box next to it, representing the number of shots per before that unit runs out as follows:Veteran Units have 3 shots per unit; Trained units have 2 shot per unit; Inexperienced unit have 1 shot. Due to the low rate of fire HQs, anti-tank guns, snipers units and anti-tank weapons units do not run out of ammunition. Due to the high rate of fire the following weapons/ units have one less shot down (inexperienced still have one)- Rockets, Anti-Aircraft and MG with 5D or more.

Both gain victory points for the following: One per each enemy infantry eliminated. Two per each armoured vehicle or armoured transport destroyed or Tank immobilised. Three per Tank or HQ unit destroyed.

Turns: Roll at the end of 5th turn on a 4,5,6 play a 6th turn.

Special Rules: Order dice: from start all dice including reserve are placed in the bag. Flank march: either side may do so. Reserves: defender only. Forward deployment: neither. Ambush: defender only. Hidden: defender only. Dug in:defender only  Mobility obstacles:only  Forward deployment: only defender  Prep bombardment: No

Terrain:”At least one peace terrain 6″ x 6″ of light cover and obstructs visibility per foot of table.With a maximum of 1.5 per foot.

I won the die off for attacker/defender and chose to attack.

I was unable to destroy the re-supply trucks but did inflict some heavy casualties on the Americans and received a credible draw. What I learnt from the game was that at these small points I was better off taking a small anti-tank gun than a sniper and quickly painted one up for the game at “Axes and Ales” the following week.

The next game was against an experience tournament 40k player but one that had never played Bolt Action. Like me he had been roped in to play this coming Sunday!

Germans on the left flank protecting an objective out of shot on the hill.

I think I am right but he was using the German Army 17th SS troops that had all sorts of deployment advantages, like forward deployment and hidden setup. The game was scenario three from the book which is a standard objective game. We diced up four objectives.

Germans controlling an objective in the centre of the table.

Unfortunately three ended up within the German deployment zone and I was going to have a tough fight advancing against hidden automatic rifles and machine guns.

A German machine gun squad covering two objectives.

An German armoured car in reserve.

The Australian control one objective.

Australian Engineers flank march and cause the Germans on the right flank to run in fear with their flame thrower.

The German armoured car protects the objective and causes the Australian Engineers some grief with its firepower.

Close fighting in the forest around the centre objective see the Australians take the forest and control the objective, but at such a cost it would be difficult to hold off any counter attack.

Shooting from the German machine gunners and the advancing Command section was putting extreme pressure on the Australians.

With each side controlling one objective, one in dispute and another not in anyone’s control the game ended in a bloody draw.

Two games and two draws. For me the team of valour on the day was the 2pdr anti-tank gun which advanced to shoot the German armoured car, causing it to retreat beyond a forest. Next turn it then advanced at the run with its 2pdr in tow to contest the objective in the centre! In doing so putting to shame the PBI.

A very good game against a tough army handled very well.

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