The ninth and final section Dr Who U.N.I.T. infantry.

I mentioned in my January in Review post the my Dr. Who figures are something I want completed sooner rather than later. As I have now completer all of the U.N.I.T. figures I can now move on to the rest of the figures I have collected over the years. There is a massive seventy five more figures to go. I will continue to paint them in between other projects as I have done so far. This should be enough to finish them before Christmas!

The following three are on the paint table and have been started to more or less degree.

Dr Who “Web of Fear” with its robot Yeti’s

The Second Doctor and Companions.


However the main point of this post was to showcase the Ninth Section of U.N.I.T. Infantry.

Hopefully I will have finished reading a new set of naval rules and will be able to complete a review for tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “The ninth and final section Dr Who U.N.I.T. infantry.

  1. Great job finishing off your UNIT troops Dave, and some interesting sets on the horizon as well, look forward to seeing these progress over the year.

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  2. Congrats on finishing up the U.N.I.T. units! That’s also a hell of a lot of Doctor Who models – best of lucj getting them done this year, but seeing how you’ve been tearing through projects lately, I have faith in you!

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