Bolt Action Combat Patrol Games Day

I was wrangled into playing in a Bolt Action “Combat Patrol” (500pts) run by the Axes and Ales wargaming club that I attend on Tuesday nights.

It was held at the House of War, a premier destination for tabletop gaming and hobby enthusiasts. They not only have a two story gaming venue, but a vast array of gaming products to meet the needs of most gamers. The House of War were also a major sponsor of the day,

Other sponsors included the Axes and Ales wargaming club, and the Wargames Holiday Centre.

Game One was against Gordon with his Japanese.

The Japanese truck with their MMG’s and disembarking infantry were causing a problem with their mobility and fire power.

The twin linked MMG armoured car was also a headache firing ten dice.

A small town was in the centre of the table with both sides taking buildings.

The Australian Engineers disembark from the Universal carrier with their flame thrower to engage the Japanese held up in the building.

Two Japanese squads (explosions) join their ancestors.

Meanwhile the armoured car is doing a lot of damage on the Aussies held up in the house.

The Engineers continue their advance supported by the Carrier’s LMG.

The game ended in a minor loss to the Australians which considering it was my first competitive game I was quite pleased.

Game 2 was against Jack’s Americans.

This was a straight win loss game determined by who held the majority of the three objectives. Unfortunately I was too busy gaming that I forgot to take many pictures.

My scouts were able to deploy on one of the objectives.

The Americans deployed in some log fortifications

Americans are halted by accurate fire from one of the Australian sections.

American CO and medic “defending” the centre.

The Australians advance on the fortifications destroying the American leader and “capturing” the medic. A decisive Australian victory with three objective and a massive differential in destroyed units.

Game 3 was against old wargaming colleague Ben.

We worked out that the last time we would have played was 40k at the 2009 Arcanacon event! I was looking forward to the game as Ben is always great to play. This time my Australians were taking on the might of Germany.

Aussies deployed near the same town as in game 1.

The Germans were deployed in the ruin near the sea (open terrain).

This was a quarters grab game and the scout deployed outside of their deployment quarter to take an early lead.

The Germans advance,

The first stoush begins with the Germans taking first blood by pinning the Australians in the field.

The 2pdr was getting the worst of a counter-battery fight and chooses to redeploy to face the German Schwimmwagen.

Germans advance into a building to contest a quarter.

The scouts fire causes the Germans in the field to be pinned.

The Australians are holding on in a building against all odds. Their grit and determination saw them still their at the end of the game.

The Germans roll a double six for a test which is a FUBAR. The result was that I could control their shooting against any unit!

Consequently the Schwimmwagen ends up in flames.

The game was very tight and the German officer and team charge the Aussie scouts and were wiped out.

The game ended with an Australian victory. The game was very hard fought but in the best of spirit and we both had a really great time. It was good to be able to catch up and have a natter during the game.

I ended up fifth with two wins and a minor loss and won the second best painting award fro my Australian Jungle Division – just being pipped by Ben with his amazingly painted Germans.

I had a great time and thanks to John and Drew from Axes and Ales.

14 thoughts on “Bolt Action Combat Patrol Games Day

      • Thanks. I am now working through the Tank Platoon which is in a lot of ways more of the same thing, but I want to keep working through the collection I have until it is finished. I have militia units which were in khaki and not jungle greens, and Australian Commandos with their khaki berets just finished being sorted out to go on the painting table. The one advantage of starting to play Bolt Action, which is only just an OK game, but lots of fun, is that I have started painting the pile of plastic, resin and lead WW2 that would otherwise still be sitting there. I think I still have British SAS, US Airborne, a Chindit and Ghurka Burmese force as well as the Japanese and British Commandos I have started. Should keep me busy until Christmas.

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    • Thanks. It was quite pleasing to have a newly finished army out on the table. A real sense of achievement as well as a lot of fun. I was chuffed to win a painting prize with it as well!

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  1. I had a great time. helped with learning the intricacies of the Bolt Action rules and the Australian army I was using. It was excellent to catch up with Ben after about 15 years as well.


  2. Looks like tons of fun! First off, I hope Axes and Ales has a cool logo because that name deserves one! Congrats on your wins and the 2nd place in the paint competition! I demand the ref do a recount on the Aussies vs Americans game though, haha! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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