Jungle Division – Section 5

Had a few dramas with this lot of figures. First there was the accidental posting without photos – before they were even finished! Then the dumb ba$%#rd I am had put the khaki undercoat Tamiya TS3 lid on the TS80 matt varnish! So when I went to varnish them instead of a clear varnish they ended up with a nice coat of khaki! Fortunately only a few were damaged, but this put me back a day with finishing the section!

Fortunately this is the last Australian Jungle Division sections (but not the last of my Australians).

The Australian Jungle Division re-organisation was designed with two purposes in mind – to release man power to take advantage of the post war economic boom, and to purpose design a unit structure more suited and more flexible for jungle warfare.

NCO on the two-way with rifle.

Three soldiers with SMG

Soldier with Bren gun

Five soldiers with .303 rifle.

More Jungle Division to follow.

4 thoughts on “Jungle Division – Section 5

  1. Oh damn. That’s a pretty terrible kind of varnish mishap. Good to hear the damage wasn’t too bad and recoverable though – and the finished troops look great.


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