Garden Gaming in the Grand Manner

I have a large (pun intended) collection of 54mm plastic Punic Wars figures of which about half are painted. Chris K’s exploits posted on “Pigs in Spaaace” encouraged me to get them out for a game of DBA.

The might of Carthage takes on the juggernaut that was Rome. Note the Roman walls on the right. It was hard to control the lighting so I apologise, as although they call me Guru, I am no Joshua, the land was mine it was not “promised” to me, ans I was not fighting against fives armies to relieve the siege waged against the Gibeonites. Anyway I didn’t want the sun to stand still.

The Roman Army. Note the cat ball acting as the Roman camp. The Romans consisted of 2 HCAV (one the general), 6 Blade, 2 Spear, and 2 Psiloi.

Suitably sized dice and upscaled “lucky seven” movement aid.

The Carthaginian force consisting of HCAV general, 2 warband, 3 citizen spearmen, 1 Auxilary spaniards, 1 Psiloi Spaniard, 1 Psiloi slinger, 1 Nubian LCAV, 2 elephants and of course a kitty toy as baggage.

The Carthaginian centre advance

The elephants and slingers advance on their left.

The Romans ready to fight.

The Carthaginians move first.

The local wild life about to cause mayhem by attacking the Carthaginian baggage.

The advance.

The Romans move straight ahead in line as a group.

The Carthaginians at the end of the first turn. The baggage no longer in danger!

The Infantry centre moves forward with Hannibal.

The elephants move to try and outflank the Romans.

Sensing the Danger Scipio moves his Psiloi and Hastati to face the threat.

Battle about to be joined following the end of turn 2.

Romans fighting on interior lines, but a large hinge point exists.

The Psiloi advance but the slow elephants only get to wheel at double speed.

The Roman lights are not having a good day while the slingers show they are up for the fight.

The native wild life attempt to charge the Romans from the rear but does not like their Pila!

In revenge she runs off with the Roman baggage.

The 5 to 1 swing causes the Velites to rout. One nil to the good guys.

A poor PIP dice makes it difficult for the Romans to respond.

Surrounded the slingers roll a 2.

The wild life take on the Numidian light horse who hold their ground causing their opponent to lose interest and run off.

The elephants move in and attack the Roman Velites.

Another poor showing by the Velites causes them to rout.

Two nil to the good guys.

The Roman command and control is again not good allowing only the Hastati to attack.

A massive six one swing by the Romans cause the Psiloi to flee. These Hastati know how to fight.

The elephants return the favour and the Hastati are routed.

Three nil to the good guys.

With PIPS to burn and the Roman flank in elephant charge reach it is not looking good for Scipio’s men.

The Princeps turn to face but are over lapped and outmatched 5 to 3 before the dice roll.

These elephants are having a good day and smash through the Roman front rank.

A vultures eye view of the Roman catastrophe.

The elephants causing more chaos.

The orderly Cathaginian main battle line who haven’t really earned their pay today.

Four nil to the good guys.

Two more battles were fought with the Romans finally winning the third, much to the chagrin of Geraldine (one of the four local wild life).

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