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Scurvy Dogs

Scurvy dogs is a fast paced one page set of rules for small pirate gangs of up to 12 figures. The rules are designed to be played between one or more opponents. The ideal setting is a small pirate port that should include an Inn!

You will need a handful of pirates, some D6, a ruler in inches, a 3X3 table and terrain, lots of pirate jokes, and a treasure chest full of chocolate doubloons!


The rules for scurvy Dogs can be downloaded here

You will need two sets of cards to play Scurvy Dogs. These can be downloaded here:

Jolly Roger cards:

Event Cards:

The cards are designed to be cut out, folded and will fit standard card protectors, or laminating sheets.

I put together some sample pirate gangs for a participation game using the figures we had available. You can use these as a sample to design your own.

All of these files are free to download for personal use only.

Vae Victus

Vae Victus is a Roman versus Gaul skirmish game using 75mm figures. Gauls are individually superior fighters but Romans fight better in close proximity to their fellow legionaries.

This file is free to download for personal use only.

Sand, Sweat and Camels

Sand, Sweat and Camels is a set of rules for WW1 games in Palestine. The mechanics are based on a set of rules “Nation Sundered” by fellow gamer John Gibson and I am indebted to him for the basic of this rules et. Each unit of four bases is a battalion an so large games can be played in an evening.

This file is free to download for personal use only.

Battle of the Lizards

This is a very quick play set of dinosaur rules using a hex mat for movement and any available toy dinosaurs you have. Each dinosaur has a card which details the dinosaurs special rules on one side and the game rules on the other. There are sixteen dinosaurs to choose from.

This file is free to download for personal use only.

Flames Along the Mohawk

A set of skirmishing rules for the french Indian wars, but could be used for any Horse and Musket period. These are an old set of rules and has what I would now consider some outdated “traditional” game mechanisms. There is a campaign system that allows teams to develop in skills from game to game.

This file is free to download for personal use only.